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why plant-based?

Wondering why people make the change to a plant-based lifestyle? Let me help!

Despite what many people think, a plant-based diet is not the same as going vegan. A plant-based diet consists of nutrient dense, whole foods, that provide all the necessary nutrients for our bodies to function at their best. Although similar to the vegan diet, a plant-based diet does not consist of meat or animal products, but it also restricts highly processed foods such as candy and certain oils. The idea behind the plant-based diet is what should I eat, instead of what can I not eat. By eating whole foods, we provide our bodies with the nutrients most processed foods lack. There are many benefits to this diet, including lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart disease, weight loss, and a reduced risk of cancer. Most importantly, it will leave you with more energy and freedom to enjoy delicious foods. Switching to a plant-based diet is a huge commitment, but incredibly beneficial. If you have anymore questions, please email me!



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